The Payment of Wages Act 1936

The Payment of Wages Act regulates the payment of wages to certain classes of persons employed in industry and its importance cannot be under-estimated. The Act guarantees payment of wages on time and without any deductions except those authorised under the Act. The Act provides for the responsibility for payment of wages, fixation of wage period, time and mode of payment of wages, permissible deduction as also casts upon the employer a duty to seek the approval of the Government for the acts and permission for which fines may be imposed by him and also sealing of the fines, and also for a machinery to hear and decide complaints regarding the deduction from wages or in delay in payment of wages, penalty for malicious and vexatious claims. The Act does not apply to persons whose wage isRs. 18,000 or more per month.The Act also provides to the effect that a worker cannot contract out of any right conferred upon him under the Act.

Under the Nagaland Payment of Wages Rules1980, Inspections are carried out periodically in shops and establishment/factories etc for strict compliance of the act